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The best re-enactment of NoThanksgiving EVER!


No one reads this thing anymore, but in case anyone does, I'm doing Arabic translation work finally...and I'll be taking courses in Mandarin at Temple this Spring for the next 2 yrs. Woohoo. Busy.

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November 13th, 5:00, UPENN, Location TBA


ADDAMEER (Arabic for conscience) Prisoner’s Support and Human Rights
Association is a Palestinian non-governmental, civil institution which
focuses on human rights issues. Established in 1992 by a group of activists
interested in human rights, the center offers support to Palestinian
prisoners, advocates the rights of political prisoners, and works to end
torture through monitoring, legal procedures and solidarity campaigns.

Ala Jaradat is the program manager for Addameer and is a human rights and
civil society activist.. He has been active and campaigning against
political prosecution, for the rights of political detainees, actively
working against the use of torture, arbitrary detention, the use of
isolation, and other forms of political repression. As part of his work on
political and civil rights at large, Ala Jaradat has been specifically
active for the rights of refugees.
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What's been up with me lately...got kicked out of my house, was in a Lifetime cover band on Halloween, simultaneously got fired from my job during the craziness, got my picture published w/ one of my good friends in a straightedge book(ha! see below), returning to school to do language translation, catching up w/ love, getting resettled.

i wish i had a picture of the performance, maybe one will turn up and then i'll post it. but... i really freaked out, luckily someone i realllly care about was there to support me and made me feel really good. it was my first time playing out since i was 14 and my hands were shaking and it didn't help that a guitarist i respect who was in a few popular punk bands was standing right in front of me the whole time. it was lots of fun though! and hopefully when i sort through my crazy life mess a real band can start. a friend of mine is visiting from D.C. for a day and going to No Borders camp, me=jealous, he will reportback though and i cant wait to hear about what he's encountered. i'm seeing Avail tomorrow along w/Bridge and Tunnel and Smoke or Fire. high fives to making new friends and discovering connections i never new existed.

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This is what my room looks like right now:

And this is what I woke up to at 4:30 in the morning:

...the toxic water dripping right on my tv set, simultaneously onto my housemate's expensive keyboard and a friend's invaluable cds. Great!

My dream was very intense and political. I felt deeply depressed and wanted to kill myself in it, it was too real. There was a young African man, short, about 3feet tall who could decipher ancient spiritual texts, no one else had this innate powerful knowledge. He was lanky, adorned with traditional African jewelry and had cloth wrapped around his groin area. He never walked. There were white men in dark glasses, suits and ties(agents? bodyguards?) who would accompany him by carrying a wooden pole which he hung by with both arms. I can't remmeber his name, it was very vivid in my dream, and I woke up searching my brain to say it aloud and not let go of it. There was a anti-conspiracy campaign calling for answers to who had killed him. The next scene recapped the series of events before his murder. He and his advisors were among a caravan of rowboats in the ocean on a mission, and before long, three shots rang out and he fell into the water. Frantically, he started to swim away even though he had just been shot. Panicking, one of his advisors jumped into the water to rescue him, captured him and tried to get him back to the boat. But he wriggled free, continued to swim away and then one of his legs, as an side effect of him being shot, became infected and grew abnormaly long and his foot large and swollen. I couldn't stop crying and being so angry about how fucked up this world is, how I wanted to free myself from it, and why so many mind blowing intellectuals and influentialists spearheaded profound movements of resistance had to be assasinated and forgotten, buried by watered down media in the U.S. I wonder if this man existed, I really want to find out for myself.

My friend asked me what book I'd been reading beforehand and it was one my housemate bought me over the break, MUSLIM WOMEN: Voices of Resistance on War, Faith, and Sexuality. I didn't feel there was any connection, other than extreme measures the government and its' militaries will go through to exclusively silence strong ethnic and spiritual communities. Dreams are fucking provocative.

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